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About Ayushmaan : Ayurvedic Piles Treatment

Ayushmaan Pharmaceuticals is one of the youngest Indian Ayurvedic drug company coming with a core concept of Ayurveda. that is Using a logical and scientific approach to treat the root cause of disease instead of just symptomatic relief".Our mission is to provide only working medicines that really matters for a patient & are also reachable for all classes of people without any compromise in safety and efficacy profile.

Silently suffering from the horrors of Piles Fissure or Fistula?

Is Ano-rectal Bleeding, Pain & Burning is making your life Hell?

Is Swelling & Inflammation of Anus feels like sitting on a cactus?

Are you facing repeated failures of complex Piles & Fissure surgeries?

Are threads of ksharasutra are nightmares in your Fistula treatment?

Feeling shy in consulting doctor or surgeon, just for the odd check-ups?

Cool Down, Be Relax
We Promise to Bring Your Smile Back

It is absolutely possible to get rid of all Ano-rectal Problems like Piles Fissure & Fistula by relying & applying 5000 year old Science of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic PF2-CURE®

Trusted & Recommended Brand in India for 10 Years

100% Safe & Effective Ayurvedic Medicine

Approved by Ministry of Ayush

India’s & probably world’s first single oral ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of three Ano-rectal disease Piles, Fissure & Fistula

PF2-CURE® can simply save you from

All the sufferings which only you know much better

Expensive & Unsafe Operations & Injections.

Hefty treatment schedules & appointments

Unsafe Chemicals & Allopathic drugs.

Recurrence of disease.


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  Home Treatments For Piles?

"Piles are swollen veins around the anus or in the lower rectum of the body. They are caused due to straining during bowel movements,
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  Yoga in piles treatment ?

In India, we are practicing Yoga since Ancient times. The evidence of Yoga & Yoga tradition is found in “Rigveda”. Now a day, it’s commonly accepted as a key of healthy lifestyle worldwide...
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  What Is Anal Fistula ?

An anal fistula(also fistula-in-ano) is a small tunnel or communication channel that develops between the skin around and rectum..
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  What is Anal Fissure ?

An Anal fissure is a small crack or tear or ulcer (open sore) in your skin in ano-rectal region .
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  Why Sitz bath are good for piles & fissure's?

Sitz bath can provide relief from pain or itching in the genital area. A sitz bath is a warm, shallow
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Certified & Approved

Useful Information about PF2-CURE®:

In highly chronic, infective & older cases, dosage of PF2-CURE® needs to be repeated. However in all instances patient has to start with single course only and percentage of improvement can tentatively indicate the number of courses to be repeated. Such instances are common but not limited & may include following.
Old Case histories of disease i.e. more than two years.
Patient undergone multiples Piles Fissure Fistula surgeries.
Cases of dead external piles masses.
Fistula in ano .
Multiple tract fistula or fistula tracts above 10mm length.
Old age or person suffering from Diabetes mellitus .

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