Which Medicine is Best for Piles


Piles is the another term of hemorrhoid which appear in the anus that consists of blood vessels, muscle, support tissue and elastic fiber. Due to piles the area around & inside the anus seems to be itchy, red and sore.

Which Medicine is Best for Piles

Why Piles Occurs?

The main reasons for painful piles are un-routine lifestyle, bad food habits, strain over bowels, persistent constipation, no stool or excessive stool problem, long duration sitting jobs, lack of nutritious diet, being overweight etc. Today our health care has achieved lot of milestones still piles is a big havoc around the world. In Allopathic system there is no permanent treatment for piles except temporary relief in symptoms. So naturally one should have a question “which is a best piles medicine”. So taking care in this scenario a typical piles patient needs an effective medicine that gives a broad spectrum control over all discomforts of piles in quick, permanent & safe way.

Today there are several homeopathic, ayurvedic & allopathic medicines are available in market which promises you to cure your condition but usually they didn’t. Most of the Allopathic medicines have a limited approach as a painkiller, antibiotic, stool softener, digestion aid or suppository creams for soothing the inflammation. In the same way most of the ayurvedic medicines works in a prototype manner of improving digestion & facilitating the free bowel.

which treatment is best for piles

In homeopathy patient needs to follow numerous pills of numerous types in tedious time schedules, also the effects are usually very long-term which may extend up to several months also. So which medicine is best for piles, is a big matter of concern & obviously the most challenging question for a patient.

Which Medicine is Best for Piles?

PF2-CURE™ is an ayurvedic medicine that plays multidisciplinary roles in piles problem, it acts as a Pain killer, antibiotic, digestive aid, ant infective & gives cooling in gastrointestinal tract. This medicine gives a guaranteed cure in any stage of piles & you can trust it blindly. There are some herbs which are also used in our kitchen like AMLA, SAUNF, and TULSI etc.

Ingredients of PF2-CURE™

It contains various natural herbs like Kalonji that has amazing healing properties, Ghritkumari or aloe-Vera helps in the body defense mechanism and enhances the intake of nutrients in course of food digestion, Saunf gives relief from GI tract problems such as indigestion, bloating, constipation, colic, intestinal gas, heartburn and improve carminative effects this soothes the digestive tract and prevent the formation of gas, Tulsi & Neem gives antibiotic effect, Shatvari is used to washing the external wounds which had been occurred in the piles, increases immunity, provide energy to the weak body and enhances the production of red blood cells, Daruharida is a herb that is very efficacious and characterized as a anti hemorrhoid, a wound healer internal as well as external and commonly used for relieving the constipation problem and upward flow abdominal gas.


So finally the question "which medicine is best for piles" has been very well answered in this article & PF2-CURE™ is proven as a wonder formulation that works on the root cause of piles problem in a very short duration of time in a quicker & safer manner as compared to other medicines available in India market.

Piles Medicine PF2-Cure

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Reviewed by Nisha Shivhare, Sera Gurung, Vishal Dubey &, Ayushmaan Health Content Team, June-2015. Peer reviewed by Dr D.K Sharma (Physician) & Dr.Ashok Sharma (BAMS)

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