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Hemorrhoids Cure Treatment

To understand the term hemorrhoids completely lets divide this term in two words hem + rhoids = hemorrhoids, in which heam stands for blood and rhoids stands for inflamed cushions, so hemorrhoids = inflamed blood vessels when such condition arises in patients it may or may not be associated with pain, bleeding and itching, On the basis of presence it is categorized in two types, if hemorrhoid are present outside rectum it is called external hemorrhoids Similarly if present inside rectum it is called internal hemorrhoids. In both types of hemorrhoids symptoms may be same or different similarly for internal or external hemorrhoids cure treatment may be same or different some of the hemorrhoids cure treatment are as follows:

Surgeries for Hemorrhoids Cure Treatment

Main aim of all kind of surgical treatment is to reduce or cut down the supply of blood of the inflamed hemorrhoids by application of various techniques, some of the surgical treatment are as follows.


Most commonly used hemorrhoid cure treatment is rubber band ligation. A small elastic band is used to place around the base of hemorrhoid, causes hemorrhoid to shrink and holding hemorrhoid in place. It takes two to four sitting to completely eliminate hemorrhoid.


It is used to treat the prolapsed state of hemorrhoids. A surgical staple is used to fixes hemorrhoid inside the rectum to cuts off the blood supply so that, hemorrhoid will be completely shrink.


In this therapy, injecting a chemical into the hemorrhoid which causes hemorrhoid to shrink and stops it from bleeding.


It is also an option to remove hemorrhoid. This method using ultrasound and ligates locates the blood vessels which causes hemorrhoid and closes off those blood vessels.

Conclusion: All these surgical treatments have their pros & cons. They are able to provide relief but sometimes not from the root causes and symptoms may be reoccurring.


PF2-CURE® works on the root cause of Hemorrhoids. This Ayurvedic medicine is proven to penetrate into the cell membranes to provide immediate relief from Hemorrhoids. It acts directly on Varicose veins inflammation specifically in the anorectal region. This Ayurvedic medicine immediately acts on:

 Swelling & Inflammation around the anus.
 Pain, itching, burning & needle pricking sensation.
 Regularizes the bowel moments & cools the gastrointestinal tract.
 And also on Internal or external lumps & comb around the anus.

Conclusion: A Patient feels the tremendous improvement in his condition, while consuming PF2-CURE® capsules as solely PF2-CURE® not only gives you symptomatic improvement but also reduces or vanishes the hemorrhoids lumps or masses, even if the problem is very old & chronic with or without surgery.

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